Winning Binary Signals Auto Trader Review – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Hey friend I have decided to put up this Winning Binary Signals Auto Trader review because of the know-nothing reviews I have come across severally. Many people have been misled and I believe you will never be one of them for the only reason that you have find your way here.

I have deep understand of how Winning Binary Signals (WBS) works right from the day of 5 Signals before being transformed to auto trading.

2016 FIRST QUARTER EARNING SCREEN SHOT 2016-04-02 21-04-55



<<<<< CLICK HERE TO TRY WBS AUTOTRADER PRO NOW >>>>> has a reputable record in their binary trading signals service with over 70% accuracy. The only problem they had then was that the subscribers have to set alert for their signals to know when to trade.  Having noticed the issue of late entry by the users, they have LAUNCHED A NEW SERVICE to AUTOTRADE Binary options without lifting a finger.  The winning consistency have no rival!


After several months and insider tests.WinningBinarySignals hasWinningBinaryAutoTrader1 finally launched their Auto Trading Pro for their signals. This wonderful service come when many scam binary autotrader are gradually taking control of the market. The sweet side of this is that it is free for use for good 4 months. It cost NO cents! But what is the catch? Simple. They ask you to join at least a broker through their synced form, fund the account, and then start trading automatically every day with no need to monitor your strategy. It is beginners’ friendly and a great asset for pro traders.



In their main and first platform of signals service, only provide entry pairs for 5 FOREX/COMMODITIES pairs and instruct the users to make use of 1-hour trading whenever the target price is being meant. Though the accuracy and winning flow is great (Average of 73%) but It is another task to make use of MT4 to setup price alert for each of the 5 pairs or making use of of to get alert of the trade signals. Sometimes it might cost you money.


  • Unlike the previous signals service, it does not require extra work from you
  • NO monthly subscription fees
  • You can select option to trade automatically everyday or login to select activate trading each day
  • No need to wait for e-mail/SMS alert
  • Up to 10 Auto Trading Signals Daily
  • Improved Accuracy in the Year 2015 – Up to 90%
  • You can auto trade your own signals/strategy


  • Not all the 10 signals set each day usually execute
  • There is need to add/sync more notable brokers
  • No free trial like the signal service


Winning Binary Signals Auto Trader Pro is simply the most accurate, consistent and has done well by providing this auto trader after yearning of their user.  PROFITABLE!!


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Millionaire Blueprint Case Study. A Scam Or Worth It?

Walter Carter is the financial guru behind the Millionaire Blueprint and a simple guide on the basic founding blocks of the site can be found at He was a senior financial expert at one of the largest investment banks in the world. It is here that he honed his financial skills and toyed around with complex trend indicators using other similarly inspired professionals in the financial field. Later on they inadvertently came up with an optimal trend-spotting system. One of his designs proved wildly successful and he ended up combining his systematic approach with ideas from another group of financial experts.



They enjoyed the enormous fruits of their synergistic union until the group tried to swindle him by attempting to sell the model to the investment bank and leave him out in the cold. This is what has inspired Walter to give out the software package for free. Walter Carter is a karma disciple and strongly believes that what goes around comes around.

Walters’ platform is based on the general idea of currency manipulation where the financial market is manipulated using a reliable and trustworthy broker as a basis for using the modern state of the art software. A hypothetical scenario is used as an example to give insight into the general idea behind Millionaire Blueprint; Imagine you have an American dollar, convert it to Danish Kroner and then convert the same to the British Sterling Pound then back to the Dollar. You will find that after this conversion, you will have more than the initial dollar you started out with. The platform is based on this basic tenet coupled with Walters’ technical and financial expertise.

The product is not based on binary option trading, though it applies the basic principles of the binary model by adjusting the parameters of financial markets to suit the whims of the user.


Millionaire Blueprint is not a trading platform but primarily operates profitably by currency manipulation. The product is not related to dead markets, in his opinion, like blogging, stocks, trading Forex and cryptocurrencies like Bit-coin or Lite-coin. He has vast experience in these ventures and their more or less static nature propel him to the next big thing which is currency manipulation.

The platform is exclusive in that there are only thirty slots available so it is imperative to sign up as soon as possible so that you can enjoy that elusive luxury lifestyle that you have been craving for so long. The client immediately starts posting profits as early as twenty minutes of registration.


Copy Buffett Review – Is Copy Buffet Software Scam??

Have you heard about the Copy Buffett Software and are looking for ways to ascertain whether or not it’s just another scam? Well, if Yes is your answer, you’re not alone. Many traders are constantly hoping from one trading software to another in search for the real deal. Unfortunately, most of them get scammed along the way, and it’s sad to imagine that these things still happen in the world of binary options trading.

Having read this Copy Buffett review, you will have the knowledge and ability to make the right decision as far as giving your time and dedication to Software is concerned. We know that money doesn’t come easy these days. Because of this, it’s in our best interest to ran an in-depth research into what we bring you in our reviews. So when we give the green light, warn or sometimes remain neutral in our reviews, you should trust our position regarding the software being reviewed.

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Copy Buffet System – Unique Features

Jeremy Fin spent eighteen years as a software developer. Then he became interested in trading and wanted to find out how he could emulate the best in the business. He made up his mind to study the strategies and the mindset of the famous investment billionaire, Warren Buffet, who takes a passive approach to making money. Copy Buffet software has been developed to act in exactly the same way as the successful investor when he is making financial decisions.

Warren Buffet is a math genius who makes calculated decisions to generate record amounts of profit from his investments. Jeremy Fin has been studying is investment methods very closely. After more than six years, with some help from his team of software developers, a successful algorithm has been created for a binary options system that is based on the mindset of Warren Buffet.

Copy Buffet software works on autopilot and is capable of placing up to 500 trades per day. It is simple to use and can be set for automatic trading with the click of a button.

The Copy Buffet App is available for a free 30 day trial. After that, if you want to continue using it for automated trading, you have the opportunity to partner with Jeremy Fin and his team. After the free trial is over, you can go on using the software and keep 95% of all your profits. A 5% profit share will go to the software developers.

Advantages of Copy Buffet Software

The system works anywhere in the world, where binary trades are permitted, and the trading software can only be synchronized with a regulated broker, so you will have no difficulty withdrawing profits from your new broker account.

When you sign up for the Copy Buffet software, you will be given full access to live chat with the technical team and live chat with other members. Support is also available by email and by phone. There is even a free private forum where members can interact and share trading experiences.

The big advantage of this trading software is that it has the capability to generate signals for between 400 and 500 trades in any twenty-four hour period. This means that higher profits can be made each day and it is possible to double or triple the amount in your trading account within a very short time.

Proof That Copy Buffet Is Reliable And It Is Not A Scam

Our review of this trading system has not found any red flags to indicate that there is any Copy Buffet scam. We did find plenty of evidence to prove that Copy Buffet is legit. In this section of our review we explain how we know that it is trustworthy and not a scam.

Copy Buffet signals have proved to be consistent and reliable for trading. This review fact is based on statistics from hundreds of automated trades made on five consecutive days. Genuine traders have given Copy Buffet a positive review on their own binary options blogs after testing it for real trades.

The only reason why it is being offered for free, for the first 30 days, is because the software team needs to know that every user is making profits. They want to be sure that all new users will find it dependable and achieve good trading results. The free trial period allows new traders to learn more about binary options and to prove that is possible to make big profits with automated trading.

There is nothing false or flashy about the video presentation for Copy Buffet and no scam tactics are being used to promote it. The website features plenty of valid information about the man who inspired this binary options system. All the details are correct and the screenshots are genuine. There is no need for any deceit because this is a genuine offer and not a scam.

Pricing and How to Get Started

As you can tell from this review, there are no misleading promises made about Copy Buffet. When you sign up you will understand that it is only going to be free for the first 30 days. If you want to continue trading after the trial has ended, you will have to partner with Jeremy Fin and his team and pay them five percent of your profits. If you don’t want to go on using Copy Buffet after 30 days, you can keep all the profits you made during that time and there are no hidden fees or extras to pay.

Just a few simple steps allow you to download the Copy Buffet software and start trading.

  • Clear your computer cookies before going to the official Copy Buffet website.
  • Click the Sign Up button after filling in the blank spaces with your name and an email address where you want to receive all the details.
  • Find a regulated broker from the members’ area and register to open a trading account. You will need to fund your new broker account with at least $250 for trading.
  • Click the Auto Trade button to activate the Copy Buffet software, and it will begin to trade on autopilot.

Profits will appear in your account as soon as a winning trade is completed and you can request a withdrawal at any time.

Copy Buffet Review Conclusion – Its NOT a Scam.

Our honest review proves that it is no scam. Copy Buffet is reliable trading software which performs well on autopilot. The trading system can only be synced with a regulated broker and the signals can generate up to 500 automated trades a day. This increases the potential to make faster profits from binary options.


VirtNext Review – Is Virt Next Scam or Worth? Case Study!

Binary options trading system has become one of the easiest money making systems nowadays that a lot of websites started cropping up in the internet, boasting about themselves as the next best system to make you millionaires overnight. As far as my experience in the field of trading, I’ve never seen any system that make you a lot of money overnight, unless you’ve won a lottery. Having said that, there are some genuine systems out there that was conceptualized and designed by experts, which do walk the talk, and produce results. And Virtnext Binary Options trading systems also claim that they are one of that kind. There are a lot of talks around the web about Virtnext, so we decided to jump in to do a Virtnext Review, so that we could find out whether Virtnext is Scam or Real?


Binary Options – What is it all about?

Before diving into the review of Virtnext, it’s pretty much important for you to understand the basics about binary options trading system. Binary options trading is a kind of trading like the stock markets, but unlike Stock, they don’t deal with company stocks, but deal with the currency values of different countries, where you trade with the variations in the currency values. I.e. by trading with binary options system, you need to pick a currency pair like USD, Euro, Yen or the British Pound and guess whether the value of the currency to increase or decrease. If you guessed it right, then are bound to earn double the amount you traded on the currency. Pretty simple is it?


Let’s take an example for a clear understanding about binary options:


Take for example a trader X makes a trade on Asset “ABC” at $10 and the pay-out being $100. All binary options are time-bound, so that when it expires, you need to look at the value of the asset. If you have traded assuming that the value will increase, and if the value has really increased from $10 to $15, then you’ll receive a pay-out of $100. But if the currency pair value trades below $10, say at $8, then you won’t receive anything. Only at extraordinary circumstances, when the value of the asset trades exactly at $10, then the trade amount will be returned.

Virtnext – Binary Options Trading System

Virtnext is an excellent way to make money quickly and easily by trading in binary options with the help of their exclusive trading software that gives you trading signals throughout the day. All you need to do is monitor the signals closely, and trade on the signals which you think will succeed. Also, Virtnext is next to none when offering competitive payouts. With huge payouts and a brilliant software to help you to make money, Virtnext has evolved as the most sought after binary options trading software in the industry.

How to Join Virtnext?

Joining Virtnext is pretty much a simple task. All you need to do is click the image above, which will take you to the Virtnext website, and there you need to provide your name and email address. That’s it. Pretty Simple is it? Then a welcome email will be sent to the email address you provided during signup, so that to confirm if the email address is active and really yours.

Virtnext – Binary Trading Software

The Virtnext Trading Software is one of a kind software developed by a team of financial experts and trading professionals. There is no need for you to download any software onto your system, but the software is made online so that you can trade from the software from anywhere, whether your office home or from any place in the world. If the concept and core of the system are conceptualized by industry experts, the design and user interface was also designed by User interface specialists, who are experts in the field of User Interface and Software designing. So you will not have any problems in accessing the software, or navigating through the menus, as everything is easily available at a click of the mouse.

Also, you don’t need to go through tonnes of help documents or manuals to understand the system, if you use the system for 10-15 mins, you’ll come to know each and every functionality of the system. The interface has been designed keeping in mind that people from all walks of life may access the site, and hence it should be damn easy to understand and operate.

The software is designed in such a manner, that it is being fed data with accurate 100% signals all through the day, for people to make the choice and trade accordingly. There is a manual mode as well as auto pilot mode. In auto pilot mode, you don’t need to anything, just fund your account, and wait for the software to trade on behalf of you and enjoy the profits. Behind the system, there are some extremely fast computers that analyses millions of data per second on different currency pairs across the world, their historical data and previous values, etc. But you don’t need to worry about that, as all you need to is, switch on auto-pilot mode, relax on the comfort of your couch and earn around $2500 a week.

How to get started with Virtnext?

Once you’ve registered with Virtnext, click on the link in the welcome email, where you’ll be taken to the Virtnext exclusive member’s area. There you will be able to see links to access the Virtnext Binary Trading Software. You can log on into the software, to understand the basic features of the software. You may even try some demo trades to see how the whole process works, but without paying any money.

Start Funding Your Account

Now, since you’ve underwent some trial trades, it’s time to go for the kill. Yes, start with real trading with real money. Make your first deposit with Virtnext, so you can now start trading using the signals provided by the software. Virtnext supports all default payment options for making your deposit.

How to Earn Money with Virtnext?

Since you’ve made your deposit in your Virtnext account, you are now an exclusive member of the Virtnext Club. Now let’s see how to earn money with Virtnext.

  • Login to your Virtnext Account
  • Navigate to the trading software
  • Now choose your binary broker.
  • Since you’ve already funded your account, check to see in the top corner, whether the amount
  • Also
  • Once you click on a trade signal, you’ll be able to see more details about the trade, about past history in a graphical chart format, and all your open trades below.
  • You can switch on to the Auto Trade from the top left of your screen
  • Once you go into Auto Trade or Auto Pilot mode, you don’t need to worry about any trade signals, as the software takes care of everything.
  • Only in manual mode, you need to monitor the recommended signals and trade accordingly.
  • As per our tests with the Virtnext Binary Trading software, it gave almost 90% accurate results
  • Virtnext Binary Trading software has won many international awards for its accuracy and

Virtnext Highlights

  • Joining Virtnext is 100% Free
  • No need to go through any complex installation steps or download any big software, everything available online
  • Trading Software has been highly praised and reviewed
  • No need of any trading knowledge to earn money using
  • The
  • 100% risk free software
  • Even free training provided on request for novice traders

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Why Virtnext Scam reviews are False?

As per our Virtnext Review and tests done by experts in the software, Virtnext cannot be a scam 100%, because it has around 80-85% success rate in providing accurate signals. The success of the software speaks for itself in the no. of new users joining the website each and every day. Even if you don’t have any experience in the field of binary trading, trading with Virtnext binary trading software is so easy.

Bottom Line:

One of the biggest aspects of Virtnext is the Binary Trading software, which has made a lot of people earn a lot of money. Virtnext has evolved into one of the most trusted brands in the binary options trading market. The secret behind the success is the software as it has delivered all it has promised, by helping people earn around $2500 a day and $18000 a week. Within 2 years of its launch, it has earned around $300 million for its members, which is a staggering result, which no company can boast about. Moreover, the average income has been doubling, year after year. With a $650 million yearly net revenue, you can’t call this a scam.

If you are ready to start a new beginning with binary trading, then look no further, but join Virtnext to make a lot of money quickly and easily. Hope this Virtnext Review will have cleared all doubts about whether Virtnext is a Scam or Real?


Private Signals Group A Scam? See What We Experience

Private Signals Group is a binary options and Forex signals service based on real accurate signals from professional and highly experienced traders. It is an informative and investment platform that outputs signals that are simple and easy to interpret. Their winning points are on emphasis on quality rather than quantity of signals and this formula has proven to be a success. This service was launched in early 2015 by successful businessman Chris Morton to fill a niche due to the increasing need for high quality and efficient trading signals.


The pros include quality signals from Monday to Friday. They accept USA traders and have an optional low-cost subscription service by use of existing broker account. With averages of 5-10 signals a day and 50-60% returns on investment, the only con,or downside is that there is no auto- trading feature on the site.

Among the private signals group cornerstones is that it offers quality signals and a guarantee of transparency with accurate results. It is definitely an improvement, backed by certified industry experts and is gaining quick traction among serious binary options traders. The signals have recently been expanded to embrace traditional stock brokers. Binary options and Forex trading brokers can be accessed on the website and give out accurate data that will be of major financial benefit to its members.

private signals group

They offer trading signals throughout the working week, from Monday to Friday. Signals are user-friendly and are relayed through SMS, email and social media. Monthly subscribers and lifetime members get their signals delivered via SMS, (for funded accounts only), E-mail or posted to the private Facebook group. The group’s elite traders also post weekly results whether wins or losses using video updates via their YouTube homepage.

Optional low cost subscriptions services are part of the group’s benefits and for lifetime access, one needs to open a new account with a participating broker whereby no deposit will be required. In the case that a client needs to use an existing broker trading account, he will pay an affordable $99.95 USD, using all major credit cards or PayPal. Minimum deposit required is between $50 – $300 USD allowing one to retain their free subscriptions without worrying about monthly payments. Obviously, you can still deposit anything above and beyond this minimum deposit depending on your pocket’s reach.

One thing I have to admit is that this group customer service response and feedback is top notch. They are fast and patient with your requests and are available by phone and e-mail 24/7 providing mature and informed responses.


From my experience, the private signals group has excellent returns on investment and is fully transparent in keeping with the group’s honesty policy. I personally admired and respected the sparkling clean interface which is not cluttered with unnecessary advertisements and third party sales videos. The introductory video by Chris Morton is clear, concise and straight to the point. I joined a year ago intending to supplement my income but I’m really considering making it my primary source of income because it has expanded my horizons on the profitable binary and Forex trading. – Review. SCAM or Legit?

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Binary Options Trading is an advanced way to make money by leveraging the power of the current quicksilver financial markets and the Internet.

Specialized traders have discovered that fast computer algorithms give them an edge in identifying market trend growth. This is a review on the Auto Binary Signals Roger Pierce system – is it real or is it a scam?

Make Money Quickly with Binary Options

The World Wide Web has helped enable investors to trade possessions 24/7/365. The Binary Options Trading system involves determining the price movements of the following core assets: commodities, stocks, indices and currencies.

On the usual stock exchange, you can purchase the “Traditional Option” for one of these tangible financial assets. With Binary Options you purchase a “wager” on whether the underlying asset will be “Above” or “Below” a certain price level at a due time.

It is significant to note the differences in a Binary Option and a Traditional Option. With a Traditional Option, you purchase the real financial asset; with a Binary Option, you do not purchase the underlying asset.

With a Traditional Option, your profits are scalable; with a Binary Option, your profits are fixed. With a Traditional Option, your time frame is changeable; with a Binary Option, your time frame is fixed.


Smaller Investors May Prefer Binary Options

The beauty of Binary Options is that a regular individual can spend as low as $50 and make some earnings on his time schedule. The regular guy has the choice to trade whenever he wants – make it a part-time activity or a full-time job.

Beginners also have a more basic risk management threshold with Binary Options. Binary Options is an “easy-to-use” system for petty investors who want to make some additional cash.

Professional Binary Options Trading Secrets

All the way through man history, man has desired some certain essential products and services. If you had known the automobile, television or smart phone would turn out to be so popular; wouldn’t you invest in these ahead-of-time? certainly you would. That is the secret to becoming wealthy.

Successful traders seem to know tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers today

Each day, professional Binary Options traders make their income from determining the movement of financial assets. Case in point, Roger Pierce made $236,708.43 by means of his Auto Binary Signals over 30 days. He “put his money where his mouth was.”

Specialized traders use computer software algorithms, trend analysis and charting to increase an edge in trading financial assets. By identifying trends faster than others, the professional can get in before an asset price makes its move.

As the bandwagon follows, the price can move rapidly leading to nice income. Auto Binary Signals reviews offer fast trigger points to give you the edge.


Gain Edge with Signals

Most large banks, like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, use high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithms making transactions in microseconds. Computers can process information faster than humans and determine developing patterns based on data trends. The Roger Pierce system gives you this fast data-processing capacity.

A typical professional Binary Options trader might look at the market for certain key assets – like gold, USD or the Dow – and set up possible trades ahead-of-time. He will use trend analysis to map out patterns that may develop looking for the “Entry” and “Exit” points that will lead to profits.

When a signal system, like Auto Binary Signals, sends him a “notice” that the market pattern mirrors his trading expectation, he can quickly carry out his winning Binary Options trade.

Roger Pierce Auto Binary Signals System

Now let us look more deeply into how the Auto Binary Signals system created by Roger Pierce functions. After you input the trends you are looking for, his computer algorithm saves the information.

When a “signal provider monitoring the market” identifies a rising trend mirroring your bet, you will get a signal. This “Signal” come up window lists “Uptrend” or “Downtrend,” the “Time Frame” and “Asset.” You can click on the box for more information.

Nothing is absolute, so you will be given a “percentage-chance” that the market pattern matches your trading parameters. The Roger Pierce system also has a “Perfect Match” immediate special alert for the best opportunities. With the higher level “Pro Strategies” version, you get more information on assets, signal percentages, trends and volatility.
msisdn: 2348154974042

To sum up, the Autobinarysignals system created by Roger Pierce has a verified track record with firm functionality and can help average investors get the edge to make good money. It seems like a legitimate tool in the professional trader’s store.